TCU is your one-stop solution provider
for successful cyber security strategies

For more than 20 years our team is focused on state-of-the-art software solutions in the fields of military-grade encrypted data storage, data transfer, user identification, and payment processing.

Our Mission

Our world is turning more and more online. Communication, TV, shopping, information, education, payments - everything happens on the Internet, and everything is based on data. Some companies realized that data is the new gold, so they started collecting data.

Nowadays, they run multi-billion-dollar server farms just to store all the data they collected about us, the Internet users. They build secret profiles about us, they merge data from different sources, they sell our data, and they manipulate us. In short words, our data is the blood in their veins.

At TCU it is our mission to protect the privacy of all Internet users by developing software solutions that stop the escalating data collection.

We fight for your privacy!

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Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm pacific


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Beside developing our own projects, we are creating cyber security SaaS solutions for our international customers.

On top of that, we offer consulting services, developing secure data management strategies for our clients.

Our Team

Executive Board

Catherine Konopaske


Daniel Settgast


Petra Bauersachs


Development Team

Guido Ciburski

Head of Software Development


Supervisory Board

Thomas Nachtigahl

Head of Supervisory Board

Dirk Peters

Supervisory Board Member

Alfred Peetz

Supervisory Board Member

Our Story

Since the foundation of TCU in 1998 we are developing technical solutions to help consumers enjoy more freedom when consuming TV, video, and music. From the beginning, the big players in this industry tried hard to eliminate us, but after more than 23 years, we are still here.

Unfortunately, for many years we were forced to focus on protecting ourselves, instead of on effective marketing for our products, and we had to spend our budget on lawsuits.

Now we use our expertise to protect the data of all Internet users by offering software as a service (SaaS) in the fields of consumer verification (KYC), data protection (cyber security), and financial services (secure transactions in privacy).

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